Dr. Noorian’s Positive Approach

Dr. Natasha Noorian’s positive approach to therapy within Discovering HOPE assists children, adolescents, young adults, and families in the process of discovering hope in their life.  Psychological treatment focuses on honoring clients’ individual and familial difficulties while embracing an optimistic, prizing, and empowering style.   Discovering HOPE provides  individual, family, and group therapy for individuals struggling with an array of mental health issues.  Dr. Noorian’s belief is that when provided with unconditional positive regard, empathy, and encouragement, a client has the full capacity to work through their struggles and pursue their personal evolution.


Discovering Hope Positive Approach TreeThroughout therapy, Dr.  Noorian will focus on helping the individual and family identify the presenting problems, institute an individualized treatment plan, encourage open and honest communication through family therapy, and empower growth through an individualized therapy approach.  The ultimate goal is to create a space where the individual feels heard and not judged.  It is important that while sharing your personal story you feel understood, appreciated, and validated.  It is here that you can experience self-compassion, courage, and inspiration.


Other therapeutic interventions include (and are not limited to): Vocational training, expressive art therapies, life management skills, financial training, academic support, community involvement, behavior planning, and health and nutrition.