Failure To Launch Program

Failure To Launch

Failure To Launch - Discovering Hope LLC


Signs Your Child May Be Struggling With Independence

  • Inability To Assume Responsibility

  • Lack of Accountability

  • Sense of Entitlement

  • Lack of Independence

  • Difficulty Acquiring or Maintaining a Job

  • Loss of Motivation and Inspiration

  • Inability To Achieve Goals

Failure To Launch Program - Discovering Hope LLC

What Is Failure To Launch?

Failure to Launch encapsulates the gap between adolescence and adulthood. During this developmental phase, individuals may experience reluctance about moving forward in life. Becoming an adult signifies the essence of independence; living a self sufficient, productive, and fulfilling life. Without a healthy, stable, and supportive foundation, attaining this “ideal life” may feel impossible, overwhelming, and pointless. At Discovering Hope, Dr. Noorian will assist in the process of developing and mastering important life skills needed for the launch into adulthood:

  • Financial Planning
  • Life Management Skills
  • Academic Support
  • Vocational Training
  • Social Skills Support