Our daughter suffers from major depressive disorder and a number of other conditions.  As a result we have dealt with a multitude of therapists and caregivers over a long period of time.  We were really impressed by Dr. Noorian’s thoughtful and practical approach to our daughter’s care.  Unlike many other providers, she focused on the present and moving forward, rather than the past.  She also did a great job of walking the difficult line between empathizing with our daughter about her struggles and being tough enough to motivate her to change. We highly recommend Dr. Noorian.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Natasha Noorian, with no hesitations or reservations.

Dr. Noorian was my son’s therapist for two years.  She seemed to have a complete understanding of my son, his strengths and weaknesses, his humor, motivations and anxieties.  Her manner was one of understanding with firmness. She knew when and how to give my son a push, and she was highly effective.

My son thrived and matured with Dr. Noorian’s coaching, and he trusted her. I mean, he really thrived and matured—beyond my expectations.  My only criticism is that Dr. Noorian moved away.

Again, I would classify Dr. Noorian as an excellent therapist with exceptional skill.

“It was so special for you to show me I could feel safe.  I have learned (and am still learning) to create that safety for myself.  You also helped me understand that what you said were your ideas and not mine.  I now feel comfortable and confident in my ability to create that security and compassion for myself, something I often felt in our sessions.  I seem to surround myself with people who have aspects of this ideal and I see that parts of this ideal lie in me as well!  I am learning to accept.  I am learning how to accurately attribute it to myself.

I do not know how to portray my thanks enough.  In short, a mentor who showed me how to accept myself.  I feel like I am on a positive path and I attribute much of that to our sessions, which help me see who I am.  Thank you.  I will not forget the therapist Natasha. “